Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kyra's First Adventure

Kyra's personality emanates from her tiny body every minute. Today was a fun day for the little trooper! She slept through the whole night without any crying, although we awoke to a small accident. And then it's play, play, play...especially when she spots Buster.

Buster and Kyra bonding.

After sufficient play time, we went to Kyra's first puppy meeting this afternoon. She was passed around from person-to-person, and ignored the other dogs and distractions around her. I have no doubt this little puppy is going to be both fun and challenging to train! After the meeting, we stopped at PetsMart, Trader Joe's and Macys, all accompanied by a lovely pup in our arms. Kyra is very affectionate, and loves to be held. 

Kyra cuddling in the car.

Kyra is doing much better in the crate. We are now rewarding good crate behavior with food, which is doing wonders. She's very apprehensive about many things, the crate and the car being the toughest. Lots of praise and food rewards will do the trick with this one. 

Kyra showing her ferocity with the Jolly Ball. 

Playtime with Kyra is an adventure in itself. She is gentle, but loves to play tug and hop around clumsily after Buster. She's just a little bundle of happy, and it that way she reminds me of Hero. It doesn't take long to attach.

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